Current & Past Projects

An overview of projects I've been involved in over the past few years.

The Putnam Investments logo relating to Matthew (Matt) Trombley's work.

Putnam Investments Practicum Project

During my time at the Institute for Advanced Analytics, I was involved with a practicum team project with Putnam Investments. My group worked to utilize data-driven decision making to improve the ways in which Putnam interacts with financial advisors.

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The Paragon logo relating to Matthew (Matt) Trombley's work. This game is a MOBA created by Epic Games.

The E.P.I.C. Model - An Application of Sabermetrics to Gaming

During my summer internship with Epic Games, I worked on applying sabermetrics principles to gaming (specifically, Epic's now-discontinued MOBA Paragon). The E.P.I.C. Model was the result of my summer's research.

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The GitHub logo relating to Matthew (Matt) Trombley's work.

Open-Sourcing Code Templates

I have worked to open-source many of the templates I have used over the past few years in my various college classes. These include lab reports, notes files, and miscellaneous documents. After modifying them to remove any work I've used them for, I have uploaded them to my GitHub page so that they are freely available. Click on the button below to view my repositories on GitHub.

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The IPTAY logo relating to Matthew (Matt) Trombley's work.

IPTAY Student Advisory Board

As the former vice president of the IPTAY Student Advisory Board, I helped connect students and IPTAY staff. (Want to learn more about IPTAY? Read the About page!) As a member of the Vendor Benefits committee, I worked to create positive relations with the businesses in Clemson and surrounding towns. I served as a representative of IPTAY to make the organization more beneficial for the student members of the Collegiate Club.

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The IPTAY logo relating to Matthew (Matt) Trombley's work.

Clemson Football Statistical Analysis

I worked on a Creative Inquiry project to apply statistical methods to Clemson's National Championship-winning football team. My team worked with game film to analyze plays and see what analytics can be generated from the game data.

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The logo made by Matthew (Matt) Trombley for the game jam.

Summer Internship Game Jam

During my summer internship with Epic Games, I participated in a game jam. The team's goal was to create a game with a hat theme in one weekend. I contributed to the graphic design (including the logo above) and sound design for the project, Mortal Komhat.

Game Box Art

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