Graphics Portfolio

Below is a collection of GFX and VFX work I've done over the past few years.
This includes video edits, trailers, logos, tutorials, and more.

General Video Work

These are some of my favorite projects I've worked on. Click the video to watch it.

Hawaii Trip Video

A video showing highlights from my trip to Hawaii. Shot on a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

NAE Animation

Animated video done for a contest run by the National Academy of Engineering.

Mock Movie Trailer

Horror movie trailer done as part of a project with a friend.

Clemson Preseason Video

A video to pump up fans for the Tiger's upcoming football season.

Homecoming Video

Entry in a contest sponsored by Adobe to create a homecoming video for Clemson.

Beach Trip Video

A video chronicling a day trip to the beach with my friends. Shot on a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

Video Tutorials

A collection of VFX tutorials in Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. Click the icon next to the name to view the video.

Blur Transition

Teaches techniques on making a simple blur transition between video clips in Adobe After Effects.

Moving Text

Includes details on keyframing and effects controls in Adobe After Effects to create text that changes with time.

Color Correction

This tutorial covers basic color correction using tools avaiable in Adobe After Effects.

3D Text

Covers the creation of basic 3D text with some styling in Cinema 4D.


A more advanced tutorial on masking out certain elements of a video in Adobe After Effects.

Chroma Keying

Covers the basics of chroma keying in Adobe After Effects for use with green screens.

Handwriting Effect

Demonstrates a stroke effect in Adobe After Effects to simulate handwriting.

Heads-Up Display

Goes over the creation of a simple heads-up display over a video in Adobe After Effects.

Video/Music Sync

Covers the process of syncing certain parts of a video to music accompanying it.

Other Works

These are my graphic design projects and other videos I've worked on over the years.

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