A List of Things to Do In & Around Clemson

Bored in Clemson? I've got you covered.

About This List

    This list has been a pet project of mine for a while now. It's grown out of a lack of any central place to see all the things that you can do while you're a Clemson student. I want this to be a resource for students for years to come, and it will always be changing, updating, and growing. If you have any questions, comments, changes, or requests, shoot me an email at mrtromb@g.clemson.edu. Enjoy!

The official Clemson Bucket List.

Clemson Bucket List

Everything you need to do before you graduate.

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The fun places to visit.

Fun Places to Visit

Movie theaters, mini golf, and more.

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The food and drink specials.

Food/Drink Specials

Don't miss specials on pitchers!

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The restaurants.


The ultimate list of every restaurant in the area.

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The hiking spots.

Hiking Spots

All the best and most scenic spots to hike in the area.

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The outdoors.

Misc. Outdoors

More outdoors, including parks and disc golf courses.

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The attractions.

Misc. Attractions

Museums, farmer's markets, and more.

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The hotels.


All the places to stay in Clemson.

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