A Breakdown of the Top Four Teams

It’s that time of year again. The time when rivalries are renewed, brackets are busted, and productivity at work plummets. We all know it too well. It’s March Madness. Everyone’s excited to see the "Cinderella" teams knock the highest-ranked squads out of contention. Each year it seems as if we’re getting closer and closer to having a 16-seed beat a 1-seed (which has never happened in the history of the tournament).

I was interested to see how the top four teams- North Carolina, Kansas, Virginia, and Oregon- stack up against each other and the rest of the teams in the league. The infographic to the right displays the findings of my calculations. All of my work was done in MATLAB using data provided from http://www.spreadsheet-sports.com. The code may seem long, but I’m doing this to practice my skills in MATLAB so I don’t forget, and I figure I’ll become more efficient with my coding as time goes on.

To view the code I used for this analysis, click here.

For a direct link to the graphic, click here.

Feel free to share this graphic/link to it/embed it, just please give me credit if you do. It’s cool to see my work being shared out there, and if it gets a decent response I’ll try to keep making more. Thanks for looking, and here’s to hoping your bracket doesn’t get bused too early!

NCAA Infographic
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